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Improving the quality of living at AKH - CapeTown

Donated in total: 1142,32€

Goal before 12.12.2022. - 1000€

Giftees is donating 10% of every euro that is spent on gifts for the next month, to the people living at AKH (Waterfront, SA).

If you want to make an impact without making a purchase through Giftees, you can click on the button below and donate separately via GoFundMe.


Campaign's review

We always sense when we are doing a good thing. This feeling followed our team whole trip to South Africa.

Despite having a good time and mesmerizing memories, we feel responsible to be as transparent about our activities and spending as possible. Together with Lucy and Marouane from Entrepreleadership Foundation, a team of Open Arms Netherlands and Team Academy students we met kids during two events (the events and the catering was sponsored by the funds of donators).

Since Lucy introduced us to the representatives and kids from AKH, she was leading us through the actual needs of the kids. Together we helped 35 kids and teenagers. Each of them received the "back to school" package and a pair of school shoes. The package included items like pencil sets, pens, notebooks, highlighter sets, pencil cases, erasers, rulers, etc. Additionally, we purchased a laptop for the teenage kids to give them access to the world and have an easier time doing school or project-based activities.

In total, we collected 1142,3€ (1000€ from the donators through GoFundMe, 110€ from the Donation Hike at the Lion's Head in Cape Town, and 32,32€ from the 10% of the Giftees revenue). For the catering, during the events, we spent 199.6€, for the "back to school" packages we spent 329.11€, for the shoes - 254.77€, for the laptop - 310€ and 48.52 in commissions, fees, and currency conversion rates.

If you want to see the footage of the events, please, visit our Instagram page

Thank you all for the support and love! May God bless you!

Sustainable Gifting

A sustainable way of living is crucial for the future of the planet.

Giftees, their partners and their customers can make a big impact by changing the 'normal' and poluting way of gifting, to a NEW way of gifting. Where the gesture is the most important aspect and the gifts are always used.

See below how YOU can impact the planet by choosing Giftees!

  • No gift wrapping materials used

    Unwrapping the gift can be wonderful experience, unfortunately this 10 second joy creates approximately 2900 tonnes of waste annually in Europe alone

  • No product logistics

    Products and services displayed on the Giftees platform comes only from local stores and service providers, excluding any additional logistics.

  • No delivery logistics

    According to the WEF, delivery vehicles in the 100 largest cities around the world accounted for 19 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2019. Giftees provides pickup-service only, therefore no additional deliveries are necessary.