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Improving the quality of living at AKH - CapeTown

Donated so far:
132.72 euro

Goal before 12.12.2022. - 1000 euro

Giftees is donating 10% of every euro that is spent on gifts for the next month, to the people living at AKH (Waterfront, SA).

If you want to make an impact without making a purchase through Giftees, you can click on the button bellow and donate seperately via GoFundMe.


Sustainable Gifting

A sustainable way of living is crucial for the future of the planet.

Giftees, their partners and their customers can make a big impact by changing the 'normal' and poluting way of gifting, to a NEW way of gifting. Where the gesture is the most important aspect and the gifts are always used.

See below how YOU can impact the planet by choosing Giftees!

  • No gift wrapping materials used

    Unwrapping the gift can be wonderful experience, unfortunately this 10 second joy creates approximately 2900 tonnes of waste annually in Europe alone

  • No product logistics

    Products and services displayed on the Giftees platform comes only from local stores and service providers, excluding any additional logistics.

  • No delivery logistics

    According to the WEF, delivery vehicles in the 100 largest cities around the world accounted for 19 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2019. Giftees provides pickup-service only, therefore no additional deliveries are necessary.