I am a gift giver

We understand that this new and unknown way to surprise someone might be confusing!

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to make someone's day...

I am a gift receiver

Watch this video to know what you can expect when someone has made a surprise gift for you!

What do we stand for?

Watch our branding video to meet the founders, find out how Giftees was created, and discover what Gifteees stands for.


If you are currious of who made this service happen, take a look on our heros!

  • Skipper Renssen

    Strategy, social media, online & offline marketing, sales

  • Timothy Hendriks

    Videography, photography and content creation

  • Normunds Vitols

    Strategy, innovation, graphic design, finances & legal aspects

  • Denisa Judea

    Product owner and consultant of service design