Create better gifting experience by Normunds Vītols

Win-Win Business

Using the right business model and focusing on our general vision - we believe that we can create a better gifting experience for our customers. Partnering up with "Giftees" means that your business can gain multiple benefits. Our customers can have access to a wider range of products and together, we will create unforgettable experiences for many people!

  • Gaining new customers

    People who will use our service will be automatically connected to your company, because they will buy and pick up the product from your store.

  • Potential regular customers

    Every new customer that we provide may become a regular customer for your company, because we will encourage our customers to explore new stores and new products.

  • Free marketing on our platform

    We will place your store and selected products from your store at our website for free.

  • Long term collaboration

    Being one of the first partners of Giftees may open up a strong potential partnership in the longterm and add up a certain percentage to your annual sales.

  • No additional costs

    Partnering with us will not create any additional costs.

  • No complicated training needed for staff

    In order to provide the service to our customers, your staff will need to go trough a simple training of using our software and learn how to package the gifts.